LEVR Studios

360º VR Video, Immersive Media Design, Production & Consulting

Click on the image to join Duke Marine Laboratory Director, Cindy Van Dover inside the Alvin Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV).

Click on the image to join Duke Marine Laboratory Director, Cindy Van Dover inside the Alvin Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV).

LEVR Studios LLC specializes in the design, production and development of engaging 360º VR video and immersive media solutions that inspires, educates and drives end-users to explore environments, investigate brands, attend events and activate communities. 

How does 360 VR Video work?

To capture an environment or event in 360, we use specialized cameras to record in all directions. Various production software is used to "stitch" the videos together before post production. The final step is development where the 360 videos, graphics and UI elements are authored and then distributed to given devices. The end user can experience playback by looking around or clicking and dragging the video in all directions. This can be done through a desktop or laptop, mobile device or head mounted display such as HTC Vive, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, Quest or Rift.

Why 360º Video?


The early drivers for exploring 360º video revolved around the prospects for enhancing education by immersing the end-user in environments, situations and perspectives that would be otherwise impossible.  Giving a user the ability to interact with 360 video provides a heightened sense of presence and engagement in a given environment. This can become a valuable source of analytics about the content being consumed. 360º VR video and immersive technologies provides a unique experience for audiences of all ages. 

Where do you start?

Immersive technologies and interactive 360 VR video is an exciting option for engaging an end-user audience when interaction, immersion and environment are key factors. It is not the answer to all situations, nor should it always be applied in the same way you would approach traditional film or media. While the ability to simply capture the environment around you exists, the most effective approach may involve rethinking the way an environment is designed or how a story unfolds based on what your end-user chooses to focus on. Work with LEVR Studios LLC to help you get started or execute your next immersive production.